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Research, technological innovation, respect for tradition and love for the territory are the elements that characterize the production of our italian wines, in our artisan wine cellar, in the heart of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, about 50 km from Venice. Our Le Contesse technology, that gives us the opportunity to create unique wines completely organic and 100% made In Italy,  enhances the fruit to preserve its aromas and flavors in the wine, without adding sulphites. Our commitment is dedicated to the production of natural wines and sparkling wines made in Italy for three generations.

Dedicate your time to the search for exceptional flavors to bring to your table with our organic wines made in Italy

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Our wines made in Italy

We descend from a peasant family where there was never a shortage of wine on the table. Many years have passed but we cannot forget the scent of family, home, genuine… of laughter.




porta leone

Vineyards in Conegliano Valdobbiadene

We are in the heart of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, beautiful hills about 50 km from Venice, modeled by the Piave river, embellished by the local winemaking tradition for centuries, unique and superior for the quality of its italian, organic wines, a UNESCO heritage site.

Our wines originate only from vineyards in this area and can boast of being 100% made in Italy.


Our History

Porta Leone is one of the main landmarks of the Bonotto family. One Sunday afternoon, walking along Via XX Settembre in Conegliano, we were looking at the buildings of this ancient medieval village, a street that was called “contrada granda”, a street where during the Middle Ages people lived of commerce and mundane life.

Keeping our eyes pointed up we noticed how wonderful were the frescoes of the Duomo…

the winemakers

The family behind the wine

If looking at us you see the colors of the earth, you open your eyes because hidden in those colors there is respect for nature and love for a long and fulfilling life.

If by listening to us you hear the steel of the machines of our wineries, you still listen because covered by that noise there is the sound of a family working in unison to produce the best local wines made in Italy.

If by drinking our wines you perceive the intense heart of the grapes, drink again, because what quenches your thirst is not wine but emotions.

True connoisseurs don't drink wine:
they taste secrets.

Salvador Dalì

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